Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

5 – Persian cat, price 5500 dollars:

One of the most celebrated cat breeds in the world the Persian cat is seen by many as the ultimate example of the feline species the distinctive facial features of the Persian cat leads you to fall in love almost immediately and their laid-back relaxed nature means that the cat stays strong from day one being one of the most popular breeds of cat obviously makes the Persian one of the most expensive too and if you want to welcome a Persian kitten into your home you can expect to pay an average of 5500 dollars for one with a pedigree we think that’s well worth the cost.

4 – Allura hypoallergenic cat, price 6000 dollars:

The work of dedicated research by the lifestyle pets company formerly known as America the Alla Rakha hypoallergenic cat is the answer to all the prayers of cat lovers who have a cruel allergy to the thing they love most through the disabling and deleting of certain genes through the generational breeding the company claims to have created a breed of cat that doesn’t cause allergic reactions to those who have previously suffered at the hands of their furry favorites of course there are some who don’t believe that this achievement is true but those who want to test whether their allergies are gone for good will need to fork out somewhere in the region of 6000 dollars for the privilege.

 3 – Bengal, price 25000 dollars:

With its distinctive wild-looking spots the Bengal cat is a fairly common one in today’s cat-owning society but what makes this breed particularly valuable is its closeness to its larger more dangerous ancestors Bengals are created by crossing a domestic feline with an Asian Leopard Cat and as a result you can expect a fiery excitable companion that likes nothing more than to bring you daily gifts from the garden in the form of anything smaller than itself Bengals can be so formidable that pet owners are actually required to make sure that the cat they are buying is at least four generations removed from the original leopard cat the very best examples of the breed have been known to go for as much as $25,000.

 2 – Savannah, price 50000 dollars:

Just missing out on the top spot is the amazing Savannah cat much like the been gulled Savannah’s have a distinctly wild look and personality being a cross between a domestic cat and a much larger African Wildcat called a serval fascinatingly Savannah’s have often been compared more to dogs than cats in terms of their fierce loyalty but thankfully they still share the strong intelligence that cats have over most dogs a truly extraordinary cat to see and to own a free-spirited but loyal Savannah kitten can set you back as much as 50000 dollars depending on the status of the breeder and the evidence of pedigree. 

 1 – Ashera, price $100,000:

This is it the most expensive cat breed in the world is the sensational ashera known to be worth as much as $100,000 a common theme with the top spot on our list is definitely the hybrid factor with the a share of being a combination of all of the most valuable animals we’ve already mentioned the African servile the Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic house cat, ashera are known to be extremely loyal intelligent and affectionate making them the perfect pedigree companion those looking for a true a share I need to be careful as the high prices asked for them can often lead to people selling savannah cats and passing them off as a Sharra’s once you found the genuine ashera you should expect to be party with around $100,000 for the privilege.